Exactly How to Set Up IPTV on LG Smart TV Updated 2023


Among the best media streaming devices on the market is the LG Smart TV. Amazing new movies, TV shows, and TV channels can be accessed through IPTV on LG TV. The best thing about IPTV services is that subscribers don’t have to fork over a lot of money. But most users don’t know how to set up IPTV on LG Smart TVs. You’ll be surprised at how simple and helpful the procedure is. You will even set aside

What exactly is Smart IPTV?

The LG Content Store offers the premium IPTV player Smart IPTV for download. There is no content in this application. To stream content on this app, users must add the M3U link or playlists file of an IPTV provider. The provider’s EPG guide can also be added by the users. All IPTV providers are supported by this legal IPTV, which uses an M3U link or file.

How to Set Up IPTV on an LG Smart TV

  1. Switch on your LG Smart TV and establish an internet connection.
  2. Open LG Content Store and select the Search icon at the top.
  3. Look for the Smart IPTV.
  4. Choose the Smart IPTV app from the list of results.

  1. To begin the installation process, select Install.

  1. The IPTV app will be set up on your TV in a short while.

How to Make LG Smart TV Activate Smart IPTV

  1. Open the Smart IPTV app, then take a note of the MAC address that appears on your TV.

  1. Browse siptv.app/about on your smartphone or computer.
  2. Your MAC address should be typed into the field after you click the Activation tab.
  3. Make a payment by clicking the PayPal button.

NOTE: To access Smart IPTV for life, you must pay €5.49.

  1. Next, choose the My List tab.
  2. Enter the subscription M3U URL you were given by the IPTV provider along with the MAC address shown on the TV.

  1. A pop-up message stating “1 URL added” should appear first.Restart your app.
  2. Refresh the LG Smart TV app now.
  3. To load every IPTV channel, give it a moment or two.
  4. All done. Take pleasure in watching your preferred IPTV channels on your LG TV.

A Different Way to Stream IPTV on an LG Smart TV

In order to access this app, you must first change the country setting on your device to the USA. IPTV Smarters Pro is only available in the USA LG Store.

Fortunately, completing this task is very simple. Just go to the settings and look for service country settings > Manual settings > select the USA.

Although you might find it listed under a different name, such as location, depending on the version of WebOS your TV uses, changing your device’s country will allow you to access the USA app store without much difficulty.

How to Set Up and Utilize IPTV Smarters Pro on an LG Smart TV

  1. On your LG TV, open the LG Content Store app and look for the IPTV Smarters Player app.

  1. To install the official app on your TV, select it and press the Install button.
  2. Open the IPTV Smarters Player application and agree to the terms and conditions.
  3. You will now be given the opportunity to choose between the two options listed below.

  • Load Your Playlist Or File/URL
  • Login with Xtream Codes API

  1. Enter the information listed below if you are selecting the Load Your Playlist Or File/URL option.

  • Playlist Name: Type any name.
  • Playlist Type: choose M3U URL.
  • File/URL: Put in the M3U URL that your IPTV service provider gave you.

  1. To load IPTV content on the app after entering the necessary information, select Add User.
  2. Put the information listed below in if you select the Login with Xtream Codes API option.

  • Any Name: Type any name or the playlist’s name.
  • Username: Type in the username that your IPTV service provider gave you.
  • Password: Enter the IPTV account password that you created.

  1. Last but not least, click ADD USER to add IPTV content to the IPTV Smarters Player app.
  2. On your LG Smart TV, you can now enjoy streaming IPTV content.

Instructions for Casting IPTV from Android Devices to an LG Smart TV

  1. Make sure your Android device and LG TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network before turning on your LG TV.
  2. Look for GSE Smart IPTV in the Google Play Store app.
  3. From the list of search results, choose the GSE Smart IPTV app, and then click Install to download it.
  4. When the app has finished downloading, open it by tapping on the hamburger icon in the upper right corner.
  5. Select “Remote Playlists” and then click or tap on the plus sign (+) at the bottom.
  6. Next, choose Add M3U URL from the menu.

  1. To load the channels on the IPTV app, enter the M3U URL of your IPTV in the appropriate field.
  2. Press the LG TV remote’s Cable button to continue.
  3. From the menu on the screen that is being displayed, select Screen Share.
  4. The TV screen shows the LG TV Screen Share page.
  5. On your Android device, click the Cast icon in the Notification Panel.

  1. On your Android screen, tap the name of your LG TV from the list of devices. Your TV and smartphone are currently connected.
  2. Open the GSE Smart IPTV app and start playing any of your IPTV channels as soon as Android screen mirroring on the LG TV begins.
  3. Your LG Smart TV allows you to watch the chosen channel.

Instructions for Casting IPTV from iOS devices to an LG Smart TV

With iOS’s AirPlay functionality, you can cast IPTVX to an LG TV.

  1. Join the same Wi-Fi network with your iOS device and LG TV.
  2. On the LG TV’s home screen, select Home Dashboard.
  3. Select AirPlay AirPlay Settings and enable the AirPlay feature.

  1. Enter the code for the initial setup after selecting Required Code First Time Only.
  2. After that, click Every Time.
  3. Now look for the IPTVX app in the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  4. To download an app, select it from the search results and click Get.
  5. Launch the IPTV player after downloading it, then enter your login information.
  6. After that, input your IPTV playlist or login information into the app by following the on-screen instructions.
  7. On your iOS device, open the Control Center and select the Screen Mirroring icon.

  1. Start screen mirroring by selecting your LG TV from the list of compatible devices.
  2. When screen mirroring has begun, go back to the IPTVX app and cast any channel you want to your LG TV.

How to Fix LG Smart TV IPTV Issues

On LG Smart TVs, the IPTV app occasionally malfunctions and displays a loading screen or a black screen. These IPTV issues are frequent and are easily resolved using the techniques listed below.

  • Make sure the M3U link was properly added.
  • LG TV needs an update.
  • The IPTV app should be uninstalled and then installed again.
  • LG Smart TV app cache should be cleared.
  • To resolve the IPTV not working issue, restart your LG Smart TV.
  • Install some different IPTV players.
  • On your LG Smart TV, update the app.

LG Smart TV’s best IPTV player apps

There are many IPTV players available on the LG Content Store in addition to Smart IPTV Player. Below is a list of some of the top IPTV Players for LG TV.

IPTV PlayersThe LG Content Store
SmartOne IPTVGet the app
IPTV Smarters ProGet the app
IBOXX IPTVGet the app
SS IPTVGet the app
OttPlayerGet the app
Web IPTV PlayerGo to Website

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there an IPTV app on the LG Smart TV?

Yes. The LG Content Store on LG TV allows you to download any IPTV app.

  • Is Smart IPTV available for free?

A one-time fee of €5.49 must be paid in order to add the playlist link on Smart IPTV.

  • Why doesn’t my LG TV have the AirPlay option?

The AirPlay icon won’t be present on your LG TV if it was created before 2018.

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