How to setup iptv on roku (the best way)

iptv on roku

A Roku device must have an IPTV player in order to access a vast collection of multimedia content from any IPTV provider. It can use M3U, Xtream Codes, and other formats to access IPTV playlists on Roku. There are several ways to install your preferred IPTV player on any Roku model. The majority of the premium features in the IPTV player applications are available for free with in-app purchases. You can sync your account between devices with some IPTV players. Users can therefore access their accounts from different devices.

There are several ways to install your preferred IPTV player on any type of Roku device. We will examine each of those options in this section, providing step-by-step instructions.

How to Set Up IPTV Player on Roku Device

  • Set up an official Roku IPTV player.
  • Set up a third-party Roku IPTV player.
  • Roku’s Screen Mirror IPTV player

The official Roku device has a limited selection of applications. These apps are available straight from the Roku Channel Store for download. Make sure you sign up for a monthly or annual service subscription before installing these apps. These services, however, do not play any M3U files or links.

  1. To get to the Roku home screen, press the Home button.
  2. Choose the Streaming Channels menu from the menu on the left.

How to setup iptv on roku (best way)

  1. From the menu, select Search Channels.

How to setup iptv on roku (best way)

  1. Search for the IPTV player, such as Ministra Player, using the on-screen keyboard.
  2. Select the IPTV Player from the suggested list.
  3. After choosing the Add Channel option, give it a few minutes.

How to setup iptv on roku (best way)

  1. There will be a screen prompt. From the prompt, select the OK button.
  2. Click on the Go to Channel option to launch the IPTV Player.

Obtain a Third-Party IPTV Player for Your Roku Device.

The Roku Channel Store does not currently have an M3U player app available. On Roku, getting to outside IPTV players takes some time. A third-party IPTV provider subscription is required for users.


Only the older Roku device models are compatible with the steps listed below. You can skip this section and try other methods to install IPTV Player on your Roku device if you have the most recent model.

  1. Turn on the Roku device by connecting it to your TV.
  2. Press each of the following buttons on the Roku remote in turn, keeping the order in mind.

  • Home button three times.
  • Press the Up Arrow button twice.
  • Right Arrow once.
  • Left Arrow once.
  • Right Arrow once.
  • Left Arrow once.
  • Right Arrow once.

  1. You will now be taken to Roku’s Developer screen.
  2. The IP address is displayed on the screen here. After taking note of the IP address, click the “Enable installer” button and restart.

How to setup iptv on roku (best way)

  1. Then, select the option. Yes, I Agree.
  2. Using the virtual keyboard, generate a password for the web server, then select Set password and reboot.

How to setup iptv on roku (best way)

  1. Open the preferred browser on your computer.
  2. Visit the Roku website and log in with your credentials.


The ID you used to log into Roku should match the mail ID.

How to setup iptv on roku (best way)

  1. Select My Account by clicking the Profile icon at the top.

How to setup iptv on roku (best way)

  1. Choose “Add Channel using a code.”

How to setup iptv on roku (best way)

  1. After typing IPTV Smarters, select Add Channel.

How to setup iptv on roku (best way)

  1. Choose the option yes to verify the installation. Add a channel button.

How to setup iptv on roku (best way)

  1. Next, download the IPTV Smarters package for Roku by going to the IPTV Smarters website.

How to setup iptv on roku (best way)

  1. Enter the IP address of the Roku device in the search box on the browser by clicking it.
  2. On the screen, there will be a little menu. Enter the webserver password you previously created along with the username, rokudev.
  3. Choose the “Sign-In” option.

How to setup iptv on roku (best way)

  1. You will be taken to the Roku Application Installer page by doing this.
  2. Choose the IPTV Smarters package file from your PC by clicking Upload. Next, select Open.
  3. The file will now begin to upload. After the file has been uploaded, select Install from the menu that appears below Upload.

How to setup iptv on roku (best way)

  1. You should see the screen below if you followed the instructions above correctly.

How to setup iptv on roku (best way)

  1. Navigate to the Roku Apps section now. Find the IPTV Smarters app, then click it to launch it.
  2. Go to your IPTV provider’s M3U URL, enter your username and password, and enjoy your favorite IPTV channels on a large screen.

How to Use an Android Phone to Watch IPTV on Roku

The Roku device and your iPhone or Android phone must first be connected to the same WiFi network.

  1. If you use an Android phone, make sure you have enabled screen mirroring on your Roku device. Make sure to activate Roku’s AirPlay feature if you use an iPhone or iPad.
  2. On your iPhone, install the IPTV Smarters Player from the App Store. The IPTV Smarters app must be sideloaded for Android users.

  1. Launch the player after installation, then select the Add New User button from the user interface.
  2. Click the Load Your Playlist or File/URL option.
  3. Enter your IPTV provider‘s M3U link in the box and provide the necessary information.
  4. After that, select Add User and bide your time for the content to load.
  5. Follow the instructions below based on the smartphone you use.
  • iPhone / iPad – Select the Screen Mirroring icon after navigating to the Control Center.
  • Android Device – To access the Cast icon, navigate to the Notification Panel.

  1. To mirror the screen of your smartphone, select the name of your Roku device from the pop-up menu.
  2. Any content you want to watch on your Roku-connected TV or Roku TV can be played on the IPTV Smarters app after it has been mirrored.

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